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Suppose you are holding a very important event and you want to attract a large number of participants from different cultures and languages. How do you do it? The answer is with the help of professional interpreters.

A professional interpreter not only masters the source and target language but also knows the culture of both languages and has experience in the field of interpreting in a specialized manner. In addition, he/she masters the different interpreting work environments such as booths, public speaking, improvising, following the teleprompter script, or any other situation that may arise.

You want to have a successful event and you want to share the content of your event in a different language to reach the diverse public, and that is achieved with a professional interpreter. At the end of the event, many people will congratulate you and you will engage many others with the ideas that were effectively shared at the event in different languages and even, as a result, you will notice that sales have increased and people from different communities will have a better perception of your business.

What if you hire an interpreter who is not a professional? The result would be devastating for your event. The message would not get through as it should, ideas would be confused, perhaps the interpreter is not experienced in your field of business and may use inappropriate words when interpreting. This would cause people to be dissatisfied with the event or be extremely confused and your business image would drop significantly.

The same happens when you have important appointments such as immigration, where the questions asked must be well understood so that you can give precise and accurate answers. Many people seek the help of family or friends to interpret at the time of an immigration appointment, but if that person does not have the knowledge or experience in the immigration field, it could be that the outcome of the interview will be negative for you.

That is why it is very important to use the services of professional interpreters, they are the key to your success and the realization of your ideals.


At TRADUCY we have professional interpreters in English and Spanish, with experience in the fields of immigration, business, tourism, hospitality, and medicine.

Call us at 385-977-8713 or email us at or visit our website: if you need help or if you would like to get your free quote or estimate.

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