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Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Translating does not only mean changing a word from one language to another but also reproducing accurately and precisely what is expressed in the original language. This includes double meanings, ambiguities, swear words, cultural connotations, and also respecting the spelling and grammar rules of the target language.

What makes a good translator?

A. A good translator must know the source language. This means that he/she must have a perfect command of the source language to make sense of the translation, respecting spelling and grammar rules. Likewise, he/she must know and master the target language, taking into account the spelling and grammar rules of the language to be translated.

B. The translator must be familiar with the subject matter to be translated. For example, when a translation is required in the medical field and, if the translator is only familiar with the legal field, it is very possible that when doing a medical translation he/she will not use the corresponding lexicon and this may create confusion, in other words, the translator may get "Lost in Translation". The human component and knowledge are what will give meaning to the translation. A robotic translator or a dictionary only translates words but does not make sense of what is written.

C. A translator must also know the cultural context. The translator must convey what a sentence means, which is not the same as translating literally or word for word. A word can have one meaning in one culture and a completely different meaning in another. That is why translators need to be immersed in both the source and target cultures.

At Traducy, our translators are not only certified translators but also know the language, culture, grammar, and spelling, taking into account lexicons, idioms, and cultural expressions.

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